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Miehen työnantaja muisti meitä jälleen neuvoillaan. Kaninvuoden vastaanotto tuntuu kovin hankalalta; nauriskakun syömistä, kävelyä ostoskeskuksen ympäri, pitäisi nukkua 7h yössä, eikä saisi edes juoda alkoholia ihan vain sen juomisen ilosta! Ei, nyt on pakko pakata ja kadota maisemista tulevaksi viikoksi. Matkaamme muutaman tuhat kilometriä etelään, valkoiselle hiekkarannalle, reppureissaajien ja sukeltajien kohteeseen. Kai sinne yksi lapsiperhe sekaan mahtuu. Maastoutuksemme massaan hankimme tänään oikein snorkkelit...

Mikäli vielä ihmettelette miksi ihmeessä taas lähdemme reissuun, niin myös talonyhtiön lähettämä tekstari selventää asiaa: "Nyt juhlinnan (lue: ilotulituksien) alettua muistattehan siivota pihoilta kaikki palava materiaali pois!" Näin on tehty. Ja laukut pakattu. Minä lähden opiskelemaan cebuaniaa ja jätän teidät, armaat lukijani, nauttimaan lukuhetkestä elämänohjeiden parissa. Moi.

















Enjoy a healthy and joyful Year of Lapin
——Health Tips for the New Year Holiday
Travelling Tips

Drink black tea one week in advance
Drinking 500 ml of black tea every day one week before travel will stimulate the body to secrete 2-4 times of interferon more than usual, which can enhance the immune system and allow you not vulnerable virus caused by the common cold and hepatitis.

Eat protein before departure
when people take vehicles, ear vestibule balance receptors in human body will stimulated and make people feel dizzy, nausea, vomiting and have other symptoms. Eating protein such as eggs and beef before takeoff could reduce nausea and other symptoms by 26%.

Drink bottled water outside
To travel in remote areas or underdeveloped countries, it is better not to the local water. Recommend you drink bottled water when traveling to avoid viruses and bacterial infection. Brushing teeth and cleaning contact lenses are better to use boiled water.

Remember to wash hands frequently
Washing hands frequently during travel is the best way to prevent various infections. If it is not convenient to wash hand, you can take a piece of alcohol swabs (content of 60% or more). In addition, do not touch poultry and wild birds, for they are highly susceptible to infectious diseases.

Balanced eating

When you shop for festive foods
Please do not buy excessive amounts as they may go bad after improper or prolonged storage. Also, choose fresh foods and buy less preserved or processed foods.

When you buy traditional snacks
Choosing the snacks (e.g. sweetened melon, sweetened lotus seeds and sweetened coconut slices), pay attention to their colors and choose those with natural colors In fact, these traditional snacks are high in sugar or fat but low in nutrition values. Try replacing the traditional snacks with some healthy foods such as dried fruits (e.g. dried apricots and raisins) and baked unsalted nuts. When you buy melon seeds, pay attention to the hulls. Those looking unnaturally glossy may have been added with mineral oil and you may develop gastrointestinal discomfort if you eat them. Also, you may use a hand cracker when eating melon seeds to avoid any direct contact between the mouth and the hulls.

When you store oil fried foods
As for deep-fried foods like crispy triangles, crispy sesame seed balls, you should keep them in air-tight containers in a cool place. As these foods are high in energy and fat, you are advised to eat them in moderate amount only.

When you have Chinese festive cakes
Another must-have food for Chinese New Year is a great variety of festive cakes. For home-made turnip cakes, use healthy ingredients, such as mushroom, dried shrimp, diced spring onion and lean ham instead of Chinese preserved sausages and meats, while less sugar. For pre-packaged cakes, pay attention to the expiry dates on their labels. If the cakes have mould or abnormal taste or smell, discard them immediately

Besides those, please note the three tips for keep your health during holiday

Exercise More Before the Holidays
Exercise helps the body to burn calories, what more important is boost your mood for the upcoming holiday season. Adding a little more physical activity to your day-walk to work, take a few laps around the mall while you’re shopping for gifts, and do some extra housework to get ready for your holiday visitors.

Remember that alcohol is a complement, not the purpose
The main purpose of a holiday celebration or party is to have fun with people you know, not drinking overcapacity. If you find yourself going overboard, tell a friend or loved one, and explain you’d like to go home. You can stop yourself before you go too far.

Keep healthy sleep schedule
Sleep is important in weight management. The long holiday is easy to stay up late; running on empty sleep-wise creates lower levels of the hormone LEPTIN and higher GHRELIN levels, increasing your appetite. Shoot for seven hours per night, even at holiday

Wish all of us have a healthy and joyful New Year’s holiday in this Year of Lapin!


  1. Ihan pakko kyllä mieheltä kysyä saiko hän aikoinaan ennen lomia samat ohjeet ja jätti kertomatta meille ;). Intiassa saa nykyään vain varoituksia mellakoista ja muista hässäköistä...

  2. Voi hyvänen aika. Ihanaa, että tuollatavalla välittää...tietysti takana on se, että saa terveitä työntekijöitä takaisin työpaikalle... Ihanaa lomaa teille! Olen kokenut Kiinalaisen uuden vuoden Vietnamissa. Se oli kyllä vaikuttavaa.

  3. Tuo mennyt tiikerinvuosi oli jotenkin niin hankala, että odotan kaninvuodelta paljon. Oikein tunnen kuinka se tuo hyvää tullessaan.
    Mutta karkuun lähtisin minäkin moisia hässäköitä.
    Hyvää matkaa teille!

  4. yhdyn edelliseen: kaniinin vuodelta on odotettavissa paljon...luulen että se onnistuu, vaikka nyt en olekaan ehtinyt juomaan mustaa teetä etukäteen.

    Hyvää matkaa teille!

  5. Ihanaista matkaa teille.
    Miksi minun mies ei saa noin mukavia ohjeistuksia lomalle lähtiessä -tulee vaan virallista litaniaa, höh.